Hi, this is
Jonna, Heidi
and Tuire.

The story behind our company

During Christmas break in 2021, my first-born son’s friend came for a visit. We were catching up in the living room. The friend was from Oulu, he was studying mathematics in the university and was interested in coding. Straight away, I told them that they should google the company called Buutti. They are good at training coders and finding jobs for novice coders. To this, my son said: ”You know what mum, when I visit my friends, their parents offer hot chocolate and pastries. You, on the other hand, always offer jobs to my friends.” We laughed together, but what he said was very thoughtful and accurate. My friends also know this. I very much like to give advice to people on their careers, whether they want to hear my advice or not.

In the past, Tuire and I have been talking about public employment services numerous times. We often got frustrated together – why are the operational models so structured, bound and limited? It is as if you needed to jump many hoops in order to find a job, even though there are easier ways to do it too. We have experience in coaching, planning, and executing many employment services as well as helping dozens of people with their career paths.

Often Jonna and I wondered what it would be like to do this work by ourselves in our own way, without the bureaucracy that organizations bring. For many years, Jonna and I were able to find jobs for hundreds of young people through the Kesäduuni campaign. Through the campaign, we learned that if some young person’s employment fails for some reason, the explanation for this is not always found in their working life skills but rather in lack of orientation. So often, just matching is not enough, one also need someone by their side.

We had a feast, discussed, and pondered, what the best kind of private employment agency would be like. To us, the best kind of agency is one where its employees are the most important resource, and where their well-being would be the top priority.

Eventually, there came a moment when we all were in a place in life where we were pondering all of this. Starting a joint business was a quick decision. Everything fell into place with ease. This trio is really in sync! The amount of ambition that this gang has, has completely surprised me.

We want to combine work with career paths. We are an agile agency alongside the larger corporations, and that is our competitive advantage. We are a local business located in northern Finland. We have known each other long before starting this business, and through our strengths, we complement each other.

Jonna has worked in private employment agencies alongside her studies for years. She knows the processes of the field, recruitment practices, and employee needs of many industries. Jonna’s responsibility in our company is finance, contracts, invoicing, and marketing. Jonna will graduate as a Master of Science (Economics and Business Administration) in the spring of 2023.

Tuire knows the job seekers. Tuire is a guidance counsellor and work ability coordinator. We can take into consideration the possibilities of different work abilities and adapt the work tasks. Tuire has a strong background in trade unions, which is a huge benefit for the whole business. With us, you can be certain that Arctic Career is a fair employer, and that things get dealt with the way they should be! This summer, Tuire will graduate as Bachelor of Education, with her major in adult education. Thus, we encourage people to learn new things and find new career paths. Whether you are changing jobs or returning to work, let us help you with finding your new job prospects!

I, on the other hand, sell. I help entrepreneurs. I find employees. I network and enjoy that more than anything. I find jobs for all of my son’s friends. I am in charge of our growth plan. We have very ambitious plans to bring in labour from abroad, and to expand our operations to northern Sweden and elsewhere in Finland.

Now we are able to serve clients, job seekers. We have the chance to create that high-quality service experience and our own unique, joint story. We help employers to create employer branding, and to market vacancies in new ways.

You are welcome to come and follow our story through our social media handles.

In Rovaniemi, on March 18th 2022.

Heidi Alariesto

Our values

“We don’t just care, we take care”

“We don’t just care, we take care”

We want to make sure that employees get the orientation, tools, safe work environment, and respect that they deserve. Job vacancies and on-call jobs that we offer are all such that we could go and do ourselves

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

“You are allowed to have fun at work”

We strive to meet our clients and closest colleagues with a smile on our faces. Naturally, we are not always smiling with our teeth and that is also fine. At work, you are allowed to show emotions and celebrate accomplishments. Colleagues and clients can also be surprised, for example, with unexpectedly good service, or by bringing coffee and fresh’pastries to the office.

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

“When there are setbacks, we will help and support in any way possible.”

Deep down, people are good and they want to work. Everyone has talent in them. We want to help people to discover their own careers, and to support people with their professional growth, even if that is always not possible in their first workplace. Kindness is a true form of empathy, understanding and accepting others for whom they are

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”

“We bear our responsibility for the north, and make sure our work is of high quality”. 

Responsibility is a part of private employment agencies in many ways. We are responsible employers. We bear responsibility for the client companies and the prerequisites for their growth. We bear responsibility for the development of Northern Finland’s economy in such a way that the availability of labour is not an obstacle to growth. For us, responsibility means the courage to also admit mistakes, mishaps and our own incompleteness as a person.

“Only change is permanent”

“Only change is permanent”

Learning new things is an important part of our work, it is part of being human. We learn more about different industries, people and ourselves every day. In addition to work, we actively strive to offer our employees the opportunity to study with an apprenticeship contract. At workplaces, we also aim at offering internal career development opportunities.

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Tuire Eilittä

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Heidi Alariesto

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