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Staff leasing
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Do you need additional resources for the season, substitutes or temporary assignments? Staff leasing is a flexible and agile way to supplement your company’s personnel needs in a cost-effective manner. We fulfil your personnel needs with Lappish professionalism and compassion. To us, employees are more than just employees and their appreciation is always visible to our customers.

Direct recruitment
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Are you hiring new talent for your company? We help you find just the right person for your expanding community. In direct recruitment, we can search for a suitable person for you from a direct search, an ad search or our own applicant pool.
Recruitment takes place entirely according to your wishes in cooperation, where our professionalism guarantees that the right person will be found to meet your needs.

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With constant changes in working life, the continuous development of competence is of paramount importance. We offer coaching and training services that help companies and employees get the exact skills they need, so that professionals can fulfil the company’s needs. With the help of competent staff, the companies in the area are able to serve us all better. And with growth, new jobs and services will be created here in the north.


Consultant services
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We offer comprehensive staff management services and can act as a consultant to your company’s staff management

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Outsourcing the acquisition of staff saves time, reduces risks and gives you the opportunity to focus on more essential work.

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